I Needed Someone Who Had Enough Experience In This Work

I’m a mother of a toddler. There was a lot of aggression in me when my child was born. That’s when I started working with Shobhali through 1:1 sessions & workshops. I worked with the exercises she shared with me to uncover my anger outbursts & triggers. When she came up with Rooted In Chaos I wasn’t sure how different it would be & why I should invest so much for inner work.

I found myself coach-window shopping on Instagram! There were lots of self-help posts & I thought I could do this on my own. But then I realized it wasn’t helping me.

I saw myself go off track from my inner work – the overload of information started to make me doubt myself – I wasn’t able to be regular, my aggression & triggers would keep coming back.

And I realized Shobhali was right – I needed someone who had enough experience in this work, had done their own inner work, and could be there – with me – to support me through mine.

The next time I heard she was taking in new people for the program I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do such extensive work with myself every day. However, I felt assured by the lifetime space!

It wasn’t easy to do all the work, it’s all a learned skill, but all the things brought together in the program around awareness of awareness, teenage work, shadows, ancestral work, and more – everything is so beautifully integrated in this program that even now after a year of the program I keep going back to different exercises from the program.

The post-support that she’s given – the lifelong space – is what has been truly life-changing for me.

I see myself as a very different person now. I still have doubts – I’m uncovering myself – but I’ve been able to shed layers of myself which wasn’t easy!

Observing & pointing out the conditioned layers is a process – an everyday process. I can see myself blossoming, & becoming myself.

This space, program, & her are fantastic – I’ve seen Shobhali continually tweak the space making it better for our growth and learning – she shares ongoing short courses & videos in the space to support us wherever we are on our journeys, that allow slow learning, and consistency.

I’m really grateful I came across this course & her!

– Mathangi, IT Professional, India