Living at the nexus of coaching, therapeutic modalities, and spirituality, as an Inner Work Guide


I struggled with making sense of my emotions for a LONG time – I’d take a step forward only to fall three steps behind.

Drowning in my own emotions, things would seem to be up & awesome one minute, & then down and dull the next! I did SO much but felt somehow it wasn’t enough… Anyways, if any of this is even remotely close to how you feel right now…

Thus, Depth Seekers was conceived amidst Covid 19 in 2020 and registered as an LLC in 2023 with the state of Wisconsin, USA, with a simple vision:

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DEEP INNER WORK GUIDE For Those serious about owning their learning, healing, & growth.
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WoW – Weaves of Wisdom: Emotional Wisdom. Relational Healing. Mental Clarity. Inner Confidence. Anxiety Release. Body’s Wisdom. And a lot more. My best practices & insights, delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, specifically for passionate purpose-driven people.

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