For Indian-origin AFABs
(assigned female at birth)
Women + LGBTQ+

You’ve achieved societal standards of “success”,
You may have done some form of inner work,
And yet, you find something amiss…

What if you could learn how to redefine your Life
with confidence & clarity instead of doubts & reactivity?
What if you could find & nurture your Wise Grounded Self
that has always been there in you, aware and expansive?

My Vision


Depth Seekers

To create a space for Indian-origin AFABs to build inner clarity, be supported on their journey,
and live whole lives making informed choices true to them, with wisdom & joy, instead of guilt & fear.

My Approach

I work at the nexus of trauma & body-informed therapeutic modalities, ancient yogic practices, and non-dual wisdom.

Having worked as a life & professional coach, therapy practitioner, and yoga & meditation teacher,
I’ve had the opportunity to blend the best of the three worlds of coaching, therapy, & spirituality.

In the work I do I create space & structure for seeming dualities: accountability and flow,
research-based modalities and ancient wisdom-based experiential practices,
healing the past and consciously choosing to create the present,
seeing yourself as complete and also continually evolving,
being fully grounded while flowing like water,
having clarity with expansive openness,
knowing what you want & letting go!


For anything new to grow, old wounds must be cleaned and allowed to heal. I believe our emotional suffering is learned, and thus, by re-working our past narratives we can easily unlearn it.

My work is heavily influenced by attachment theory, internal family systems, individual & collective trauma principles, and somatic models by Peter Levine & Raja Selvam.


“Yoga chitta vritti nirodha”, wrote Patanjali around 400 C.E. It means, yoga stops the fluctuations of the mind.

He isn’t referring to yoga poses here. This is the yoga that’s the way of life – practices that cultivate deep knowledge & awareness of the subtle energy that is life itself!

Only when you understand yourself at the most nuanced level, can you truly dissolve your limiting mindsets & repetitive patterns that cause you suffering, and open up to an ever-expansive sense of clarity, groundedness, and wisdom.


It is hard to describe the non-dual because any explanation will create duality! Thus, the wisest have rightly said that it is like pointing to the moon – you can’t make anyone see it, you can just point to the moon.

Non-dual wisdom is the game changer that, as if overnight, transforms your being. This wisdom needs to be experienced through ancient practices. Once you do, you find the You you’ve always been waiting for.

My hope is for you to find & nurture your own inner wise guide.


Hi, I’m Shobhali

In the last 12 years, I’ve traversed the lives of a teacher, mentor, facilitator, coach, therapist, & spiritual guide, guiding Indian-origin AFABs to traverse and resolve their inner worlds of emotions, beliefs, stories, traumas, & repetitive patterns and also going deeper into myself, peeling off multiple layers of conditioning, fears, & limiting ways in my own being.

I believe emotional wisdom is the key to resolving mental, emotional, and relationship struggles, and that emotional wisdom is a skill – like any other skill – that needs to be learned, practiced, and applied in life in order to experience deep inner joy & wisdom, cultivate intimate & meaningful relationships, and continually be our best selves in every moment.

But all this wasn’t always true for me!

I’m in my 4th decade of life, and while in the first three decades, I did well in the external world with college and work accomplishments in my bag, I struggled with my emotions for about the first 30 years of my life!

Looking back, I can tell you now that I struggled for those 30-odd years, but back then I thought it was the only way to live life – tough it out | sort it out | fix it | and control it – and so I did exactly that for a long time!

Until I came across the ancient wisdom teachings of non-duality, and everything changed 🙂

Client Reflections

“This experience has shifted much more than words can express inside me. I now have simple tools & practices to guide me when I lose that sense of clarity.”

— Sanymi Gupta, Leadership Development Coach

Meghna's Testimonial

“I can see, listen into, & heal whatever comes up. This has been a monumental journey from that of suffering, of confusion, to peace, to clarity.”

— Meghna Chawla, Founder, Foster & Forge Foundation

Sukanya's Testimonial

“I feel as I practice I become aware, my ignorance shifts, & my assumptions reduce, thus, my sufferings reduce as I start to make choices after analyzing with awareness.”

— Sukanya H, Yoga Teacher | Law Professor

How to gain a deeper understanding
of emotions, reactions, life, & life events,
enabling you to have greater
stability, clarity, and confidence?

Ready to ease the emotional overwhelm & embrace emotional wisdom?
Together, we’ll understand & witness YOU so that you’re able to heal,
learn, grow, & evolve, and get connected with your inner wise self!