Despite undergoing coaching and therapy, I always sensed something missing.

Rooted In Chaos has been an extremely helpful space for me. I had been thinking of being a part of this space for a long time and finally decided to join this year after getting diagnosed with ADHD. It came as a rescue for me.

The daily dose of smaller bits, and suggested practices to look deeper within and into diverse parts of one’s being has helped me develop deeper and constant emotional awareness. It has also provided me with tools to work with this awareness with kindness and by eliminating judgment.

These tools also helped me manage my ADHD much better than many other suggested practices. My favorite space has been my 1:1 conversations with Shobhali which have pushed me beyond my comfort zone while being gentle and kind. I have never felt calmer than this.

The honesty and courage I’ve seen Shobhali demonstrate throughout her path served as inspiration, compelling me to choose her as my spiritual mentor/coach.

As a coach myself, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with various accomplished coaches. My coaching experiences have provided insights into human psychology and equipped me with tools to influence outcomes.

Despite undergoing coaching and therapy, I always sensed something missing.

While making personal shifts and influencing outcomes, I felt a persistent disconnection with my deeper self, and that’s where Shobhali played a crucial role.

Her work filled in the missing piece of the inner work puzzle by introducing a spiritual connection with the self.

While many other modalities I had encountered focused on eliminating internal judgment and altering emotions, it was only through my collaboration with her that I could sit with both and deepen my understanding and relationship with them.

This allowed me to perceive myself as complete while continually evolving. It enabled me to comprehend and embrace dualities, working with them to reshape existing narratives and construct new ones.

This not only equipped me with tools for personal growth but also for those I work with, fostering my evolution both as an individual and as a coach.

– Rathi, Director – Learning Excellence | ADHD Coach, India