It has made me understand how to stand in my truth.

Rooted In Chaos has made me understand and practice how to stand in my truth, calmly, and humorously at the end, even if initially things trigger me. It is a lot of FUN to do that.

So much comfort that I feel in my body and in my truth today, is because of this program and the work with Shobhali. When I write this, I feel it in my body and how it moves me. The remnants of feelings in the body stay. I use it in my everyday.

The program is an everyday practice and the motivation to do it along with the remembrance of a loving voice and face of a friend. It is the gentle calling out I do to myself when I see myself going into old patterns that I don’t want to continue and a forgiving course correction that gives me joy.

This testimonial will be forever evolving because I use it every day and I am yet to realize all the ways it has shifted me.

– Jasmine Sachdev, Drama & Movement Therapist, UK