Difference Between My Emotion & Me Being Me.

Initially, I was hesitant to join the program. But then a message from Shobhali mentioned the word “repeating patterns”. It got stuck in my head. I was able to reflect on major incidents of my life and I could observe that yes a repeating pattern is there and instantly felt an urge to break it. I felt none other than Shobhali could help me do so.

I have just finished week 3 of the journey and I took way more time than expected to finish it, throughout the time Shobhali was supportive and constantly nudged me to practice every day and I can see a change in me.

Earlier, I used to feel “Ok, this is the way I am.” But now I can easily figure out the difference between my emotion and me being me. The awareness of my body, my surroundings, and my emotions which has developed in me, makes me feel grateful, and be a calmer person.

– Shobhna Bansal, Teacher, India