What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Emotional?

When a guy says you are too emotional, is he right, or insensitive?

Everybody feels emotions, although they may have different ways of expressing them. Of course, we also have different thresholds for experiencing emotions. 

A joke that makes me fall off the chair laughing may make you only giggle a little. So there is a variation in how often and intensely we feel certain emotions.

How do you know if you are an emotional person? And, if you are, is being too emotional a bad thing?

There are two ways of looking at it. 

What does it mean when a guy says you are too emotional?

If “emotion” is a noun, “emotional” is its adjective form. As an adjective, the word gains a new meaning. It is commonly used not only to describe someone who feels emotions but rather too much of them. So what does it mean when someone calls you emotional, especially the guy you are dating? It means, according to them, you express your emotions inappropriately or exaggeratedly. That would imply you can’t manage your feelings well and get easily triggered by small things. In that case, you may need to address your lack of emotional skills. But it is also possible that the guy calling you emotional is incapable of processing his feelings, let alone yours!

What to do when someone says you’re too emotional?

When someone says you’re very emotional, don’t be too hard on yourself.

I mean, how do you know if you are an emotional person in the first place?

We can all do with more compliments. Unfortunately, the guy you are seeing calls you “too” emotional! 

If your first reaction is to believe him, it’s not a bad sign. This shows you are willing to take accountability.

But don’t label yourself! Instead, check for these signs of being overly emotional:

  • Have you been called ‘very emotional’, ‘too intense’, or ‘too dramatic’ by other people too?
  • Do you cry more easily than others?
  • Do you easily get angry or upset compared to others?
  • Do your emotions often burst out in an episode?
  • Are you surprised by the way emotions make you feel?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, there is a bright chance you may be more emotional than your average person out there.

This isn’t a “bad” thing.

But it might be beneficial for you in the long run to work on your emotional skills – how to regulate your nervous system, understand your deeper needs and fears, etc.

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What if the man is insensitive?

Perhaps you experience and express emotions normally but your guy continues to call you “emotional”. Could he be gaslighting you? 

There’s no reason to doubt your sanity! Maybe the man who is accusing you is himself a victim of suppressing his emotions.

That would explain why he finds your natural display of emotions overbearing because he doesn’t even know how to deal with his own!

It’s not that he finds your behavior inappropriate. He could be misinterpreting the reason you share your emotions.

To him, it might feel like you’re unburdening yourself on him – which you may not necessarily be doing by the way – and he may not have the capacity to be with that.

Is being too emotional a bad thing

Did you know that deep intimacy in relationships can make or break them?

Now that you know how to respond when a man calls you emotional, focus on the resolution. 

Are you “too” emotional? If yes, there are a couple of steps you can take to manage, interpret, and express your emotions properly. 

Being overly emotional can manifest itself in many ways and cause further emotional distress, such as: 

  • Isolation: pushing people away if you can’t bear their emotions, or being cast out for expressing extreme feelings.
  • Extreme emotional reactions: bursting into tears at the drop of a hat or holding them back even when crying would relieve emotional suffering. 
  • Extreme defensiveness and aggressiveness: refusing to adopt a new perspective even if you are wrong, or attacking people for contradicting you.
  • Over-sharing: making people uncomfortable by sharing too much about how you feel.
  • People-pleasing: doing things to appease others at your expense because you don’t want to be rejected.
  • Self-harm: experiencing emotions very strongly can push you to harm yourself because you can’t handle them.

P.S. If you’re experiencing thoughts of self-harm please reach out for support.

How can you stop being overly emotional?

You cannot and should not control healthy emotions, but experience them #emotionalwisdom

We all need to express emotions.

It’s what allows us to form deeper bonds.

But if your emotions are getting in the way of experiencing a fulfilling life, there are healthy ways to change that.

Recognize and accept your vulnerabilities

Dive deep into your history and experiences. Why do you act and react the way you do?

Slowly, you will come to recognize your vulnerabilities and triggers.

When you deal with those aspects of yourself that are difficult to accept, your resilience becomes stronger.

So when others point out things that feel like your “flaws,” you may not get as strongly affected by it as you know you’re doing your inner work.

Look at it this way: when you understand who you are only then you can express yourself clearly to others.

There is no shame in admitting your flaws and certainly no reason to pretend everything is fine. 

Acknowledging there is a problem is the first milestone to recovery.

Join or create a support group

We are social animals. Find the right group of people who genuinely want what’s best for you.

And yes, this may also include the guy who called you “too” emotional if he’s willing to be there with you in the journey, while also working on himself.

Your group is your support system, encouraging you to work with your emotions.

Interacting with a close circle of family and friends can allow you to express yourself without the fear of adverse reactions. 

This doesn’t mean you continue to burst out.

It means, if you slip up and have an episode, your group of loved ones will guide you and not shun you. 

Exercise and hone emotional skills

Effective emotional skills mean knowing how to handle emotions based on the situation.

To hone these skills means to behave and express emotions in a way that is not generalized but specific to the context.

You may even have to rework your thought patterns. 

Yes, your personal support group may be tolerant of your slip-ups, but the world is not limited to your circle.

In various walks of life, you will come across important people who may not be as empathetic to your condition.

What if you had ALL the necessary skills to manage your emotions?

If you’re ready, willing, and want to go deeper, resolve emotional and relational entanglements, and cultivate the grounded, wise anchor within, then Rooted In Chaos might be apt for you.


  • How do you know if you are an emotional person: If your emotions seem uncontrollable, intense, and out of context, you may be struggling with emotional regulation.
  • Is being too emotional a bad thing: It isn’t “bad”, but yes, being too emotional can cause issues like over-sharing, aggressiveness, isolation, and people-pleasing behavior. 
  • How to respond when a man calls you emotional: Understand the reality behind the comment. The problem may lie in his inability to deal with the emotions of others. 
  • How to stop being too emotional: Acknowledge your vulnerabilities, find support, and develop the necessary emotional skills, ideally with the help of a professional.

Hope this article was a helpful read to know how to respond when a man calls you emotional. 

Do you think you healthily express your emotions? Or is your partner suppressing their feelings?

I’d love to know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. It is one thing being called emotional and another being called intellectual. Do you think intellect triumphs over emotions?

Find out in Are Emotions More Powerful Than Intellect?

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