This program is 1000% worth it & will potentially help you turn your life magical.

I came to this space as I was having a lot of relationship issues that affected both my personal and professional life. I went to regular therapists who told me that the best solution was to go for a divorce. That didn’t sit well with me. At the same time, I kept dreaming about running away from everyone in my current life and starting fresh to fix everything and turn my life magical.

That was the space I was in when I started working with Shobhali.

If someone had told me that my life could change in 10 weeks I wouldn’t have believed it but that’s what this program did for me. It made me realize how I had been hard on myself and everyone around me. I learned to communicate better in my relationship.

In 10 weeks, I went from thinking of running away to planning a baby with my partner. My focus on work has improved a lot. My understanding of my own feelings and how to regulate it has progressed immensely.

I resolved a lot of my past traumas which to my great surprise were affecting my present more than I would have imagined it to be. I not only improved my relationship with my husband but also with my family and friends.

Shobhali’s additional help in working deeper with my chakras was an added bonus.

I highly recommend this program as it not only helps resolve the current issue like other therapies do but gives you a guide to handle any and every situation in life and helps you flow like a river.

It provides a much-needed helping hand to resolve all the traumas from birth until your present moment, which in turn helps make your present and future better.

It gives you an entirely new and easygoing outlook on life. I could keep going on, and it all comes down to this program is 1000% worth it and will potentially help you turn your life magical.

Yes, I could have the magical life I was dreaming about by shifting things in my current scenario, and not running away.