She helped me see what I was unable to see by myself.

I came into yoga in 2019 when my married life was a roller-coaster ride. I met Shobhali at the peak of the traumatic phase of my life after doing 40 days of Sadhana in Sivananda Ashram. I guess my energy shifted during those 40 days and I attracted Shobhali in my life. I happened to speak to her when we were almost going to depart from each other and that was the turning point of my life.

I started to heal and Shobhali also tested my ego several times with her blunt questions. The trust that was built through my initial personal sessions made me dive deep into myself through Depth Seekers.

The program’s practices helped me become aware. As I continued to practice, my ignorance began to shift, & thereby my assumptions began to reduce, thus, my suffering reduced. I started to make choices after analyzing with awareness.

I could see my own past acts & think what I should shift. No regrets/ guilt as I feel that I did not have enough knowledge/ awareness when I made those choices. I now have a clear thought process of what I have done & what I should do to bring a shift in my life. A very calm thinking process.

A Guru/ Teacher/ Guide is a person who can help a student see what he/she cannot see. And that’s exactly what Shobhali did for me. She helped me see what I was unable to see by myself.

– Sukanya Durai, Yoga Teacher & Law Professor, India