Pulled Out A Piece Stuck In My Chest.

On day 10th of my new job, I was given with the opportunity to present in front of 25 people and organization’s international guests. You have known about my fear around public speaking. I could feel discomfort before going up to present but as I began it was all fine.

Mind map really, really helped me. Also in between as I paused I could consciously sense into my feelings and I was trembling a little and the moment I became aware of it, it felt like as if diluted within me.

Moreover as others were presenting I got an opportunity to stand really close to them and I could sense the fumble in their voice and their trembling hands. Watching this made me feel so normal and I felt a sense of some space being created within me as if someone had finally pulled out a piece that was stuck in my chest.

– Female, 30s, India