Opening Of Root Chakra.

The most impactful part in Week 1 was the opening of root chakra through sitting position and expansiveness. Our conversations were really effective. I was able to express well and your wisdom hit the right chords in me. I am able to understand and accept things about me and there is definitely a slight shift in me. I feel grounded and also more safe within my own company.

I have begun to sit more grounded and focus on my root chakra, deep breath and tell myself not to fight against nature. I am starting to accept that the timelines in my mind are my own creation and I should accept the nature and course of life.

I feel better and kind of okay with the fact that my boyfriend is no more in my life. I do not feel lonely as much as I used to feel in my past relationships and I want to make myself so content and happy on my own without rushing into anything that does not serve me. This stability I can feel in me. No matter if I have or do not have someone, I have started to look up to me and be my own go to person. I feel all these shifts.