Master Of My Own Life.

I am really thankful to Shobhali for helping me in two ways:

  1. My personal beliefs (my anxiousness)
  2. My relationship with my husband.

She helped me to know how my limiting beliefs were created, and how I can change them to empowering ones so that they help me grow. I read books and articles she shared to gain knowledge about relationships.

I made small changes in my day-to-day routine – started giving time to myself as well as my relationship, for the betterment.

She helped me to practice all that is needed – being mindful of feelings and facts, clear communication, etc.

It seems to me that Shobhali does not only coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel and presents the knowledge that you really need.

I suppose this talent of hers is related not only to her nature but also to the fact that she has been working on healing and meditation for many years and that she has reached a certain level of consciousness in her own life.

There is a distinctive character in her; she shares with you all that she has. In the end, you become the master of your own life, and at the same time, you get healed in the process.

– Sheetal Arya, Program Partner