I fall short every time, because words do not do it justice.

When I attempt to describe the ways in which I’ve benefitted from Shobhali’s guidance and input, I fall short every time, because words do not do it justice. I say this as someone who came into her program with nearly a decade of engagement with various forms of therapy/therapeutic practices and a fair amount of self-awareness, but at the same time, anxiety, a wavering sense of self, and profound difficulty finding a sense of peace in my day to day life and my life choices.

In the 10+ months of working with her, I’ve learned how to redefine, for myself, what makes me whole and what makes me enough. It’s not that I believe this every day but I’ve learned how to identify and use tools that are inherent to my body and mind, so that I can learn to believe it a little more over the days, months, and years of my life. I’ve learned how to connect to my body and my mind, and I’ve learned to soften the perspectives and frames of analysis I apply to both myself and the world around me.

Perhaps most significantly though, I’ve learned, with Shobhali, that my heart and my being are the best things about me—and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I suspect I may always live with anxiety, certain fears, and questions about myself, but I know how to live slightly better now. In terms of methodology, I appreciate that Shobhali really only taught me the ‘A B Cs’ in regard to tools and philosophies that I could draw on, leaving me to explore and choose for myself what works for me and what doesn’t.

She is trauma-informed, patient, endlessly insightful, assertive, and kind. I’m grateful and would recommend even a few hours with her.

– Female, 30s, UK