Empowered To Take On My Own Healing Journey.

For me it was important to have a guide/ therapist who could build onto my own awareness and offer me insights into the core reasons behind my repetitive behavioral patterns. I started the journey with an understanding of my own anxieties, insecurities, and patterns of overthinking that would show up as lower confidence/ self-esteem time and again.

Shobhali started my journey with a discovery call that allowed us to align on what it was really that I wanted to improve for my mental well-being. She is a patient and empathetic listener and I believe, her vast experience as an inner guide allowed her to read between the lines and surface the underlying symptoms/ sources of anxieties and fears.

During my journey, she offered valuable input and fresh perspective that helped me identify my own emotional/ reaction patterns and shift my ways of thinking to create a healthier state of mind. She introduced tools that empowered me to take my own journey of healing without being bound to an external support to continue it.

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