Being Present In My Own Body I Can Feel Safe.

I  began Rooted In Chaos when I was struggling with fear of almost everything. Through the first two modules, I’m learning how by being present in my own body I can feel safe.

This allows me to look at my fears and be able to understand where they are coming from. How not to drown in them, but be able to hold them and let them pass and allow myself to heal.

The group sessions are spaces that provide a community where you can see reflections of your own struggles at times, understanding other perspectives about our reactions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Through the first two modules, I have noticed Shifts in me that are making me feel equipped to understand myself and my emotions more effectively. For one I’m not drowning in my emotions. I feel I’m able to answer many questions that were stuck for me and were a constant noise in my head.

This makes me feel a certain joy, which I think I had lost somewhere. It’s a process and I’m learning.

– Roopali Paliwal, Human Resources Manager, India