What if you had ALL the necessary skills, strategies, and support to lead an emotionally balanced, mentally clear, relationally fulfilling life - with a loving, meaningful connection with yourself, with others, and with your work - that was deeply aligned with who you are?

And what if I say you can find it on the page below 🙂👇🏼


-- LHG --
Learn-Heal-Grow School

by building your abilities to manage emotions, make wise decisions, and nurture a healthy, effective mind space so that you approach life deeply connected and strong within -
without feeling lost or frustrated not knowing how to resolve the overwhelm and confusion in life, love, and work -
through a clear pathway with proven steps and TONS of support along the way!

This School has been curated to fill the skill gap in your understanding of emotional regulation, relationship health, and life, by following a simple step-by-step plan to accelerate your learning, healing, and growth.

If you're serious about your mental, emotional, and relational well-being, and often find yourself thinking:

"What's wrong with me? Why do I get stuck in emotional & relational reactive patterns?", "Why do I get so worked up/ overwhelmed/ stressed out?", "Why can't I be more sure of myself?", "How do I control my emotions?", "I keep getting lost in my doubts and mind fog!", "How do I find a way out?!"

You've stumbled across a space literally made for you 💛

Ok, real talk. You already know
that working on yourself, a.k.a.,
your emotional & relational patterns,
is THE answer to RESOLVING
the issues in your life.

Be it in romantic relationships, with parents or children,
or at work, or feeling confident and good about yourself.

You *know* you gotta do the inner work.

But here's the OTHER side of this #RealTalk:


✅ Maybe you've read a few (or more?) self-help books.
✅ Maybe you've tried therapy or coaching.
✅ Maybe you've done a course or program here and there.
✅ You've definitely tried Google-ing and YouTube-ing😋

But it often feels like, no matter what you've tried, and no matter how it has helped you a bit along the way, your unhelpful, unhealthy patterns and ways of being, seem to keep coming back for more!

While I don't have a crystal ball, I've worked with hundreds of other passionate people with many emotions and feelings who want healing, clarity, and inner alignment.

So I can bet if you've read this page so far, you're struggling with one (often more) of the following:

P.S. These will sound pretty familiar!

😐 You struggle with managing emotions - getting triggered in relationships, at times at work, and at times even at seemingly small things - leading to stress, anxiety, doubts, confusion, shame, guilt et al.

😐Which often leaves you feeling lost and frustrated - not sure how to get out of the emotional rollercoaster.

😐 You've tried to change your unhealthy emotions and relationship patterns but since they find a way back to you you've begun to question yourself.

😐 You may feel disconnected from your own truth - what you truly want and need.

😐You find yourself judging yourself, playing the imposter game, doubting yourself, wondering why you can't get your emotions together once and for all, why you can't stop getting triggered, or why you get into your anxiety or anger or hurt loops again and again, and yet again...

Look, truth be told...

Life will ALWAYS be life.

Unpleasant and unwanted things will happen from time to time

The question really is: What do YOU do, and how do you BE, with Life being Life.

And to let you in on a secret?

It does NOT need to be so confusing, frustrating, or hard.

There IS a CLEAR, simple pathway.

How would it change these struggles if you had access to a step-by-step proven pathway set out for you to learn both conceptually and experientially ALL about your specific emotional struggles, relationship issues, and the exact practices and tools to create healing, growth, and deep inner alignment in all aspects of your life, WITH an expert to coach and guide you right by your side?

👉🏼 You see, I have been you.

👉🏼 I know you've been trying to figure it out for a while now.

👉🏼 And it feels like something is still missing, but you don't know what.

And frankly, you've already made so much progress - the reason you have so many questions is because you're doing the work...so many people never even start!

You’re trying to follow the tips and tricks you pick up from reading this article or post, or watching that video, or listening to some podcast...but if we were to be real...

👎 You feel like there’s so much to do, so many questions around HOW to do it, and so much lack of clarity & confusion about what exactly to do.

Yes, Life (and emotions, relationships, and all that juicy stuff 😅) should come with a handbook, but it doesn't - which is why so many people are stuck in loops of doubts & confusion...

🙃 How can I control my emotions, calm my nerves, and learn how to be in healthy relationships (romantic, platonic, work, et al)? 

🙃 I've tried things people are saying to do to heal or become confident but it's not really working for me. Why not? Who can tell me what I'm missing?

🙃 What is the best way to actually feel good within myself, in my relationships, and at work, and not just keep running from one thing to the next? What are *my* next steps?


And if this is you, I also bet you would:

💛 Love to get some guidance and direction.

💛 Love for your healing and growth to move along more easily and experience some *legit* results in your life.

💛 And LOVE to have ALL the support needed for this work to be IN ONE PLACE - clear, simple, and supported.


And while you can’t afford a 1:1 Therapist & Coach for every aspect of your life walking beside you all the time, you'd still love to have the strategies and practices that the best coaches and therapists use to support their clients successfully - ‘cause how are you ever meant to get to the kind of life you dream of without the right support & expertise?!

I, Shobhali, am here to guide and support you to learn emotional regulation, heal the past, and gain mental clarity, self-connection, & unshakable inner confidence to live a happy, healthy, meaningful life that's deeply aligned to you.

Shobhali Thapa Jiwani


Proven methodologies from ancient wisdom-based practices and contemporary evidence-based research so that you get the most HOLISTIC IN-DEPTH GUIDANCE.


The “secret sauce” to life transformative work is: it's simple to understand, easy to follow, implement, and integrate into your day-to-day busy-ness of life.


Learn the right skills, practice them most effectively, & be guided to YOUR clarity & wisdom, in alignment with YOU, from a rooted space within.

Introducing Depth Seekers'

LHG: The School

The resource, support, and guidance-packed monthly membership + mentorship for passionate, purpose-driven people with many emotions and feelings who want to own their healing and growth, and truly learn how to engage in deep inner work without getting lost or feeling confused and frustrated AND see DIRECT RESULTS in their life.

Learn Heal Grow School_Depth Seekers Monthly Membership

Take a look at the 6 elements that combine perfectly in the School to bring you the most effective and simple-to-do practices and exercises, and give you a clear roadmap with strategies and seriously powerful support for your continual healing and growth... all in the one online space and community.



Monthly Inner Work Masterplan

Beginning of every month you’ll get a Done-For-You day-by-day plan to follow to have all aspects of your inner world sorted - emotions, relationships, work, and physical health.

There will be 3 plans (with customization options!!!) - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - along with descriptions for each plan so you can choose the one that best suits your current capacity and needs.

✨No more confusion on what to do & how to do it!

You'll be able to get even more customized feedback and recommendations through our private community space & live calls.

✨No more feeling lost & stuck not knowing who can help! (P.S. I can & I will)

These plans are intended to be such that they don't need you to spend a lot of time separately, instead can be integrated into your day-to-day.

✨No more feeling like you don't have enough time or you can't figure this out or are missing something!

There will be constant updates & additions to month-on-month plans based on your experiences and feedback.

Follow these monthly plans day by day to ensure you're taking your daily steps toward your vision of healing, growth, and evolution every single day, even on busy days & times, minus the unwanted frustration and stuckness.

Depth Seekers_Complete Path to Healing, Growing, Evoloving


Complete Inner Work Roadmap

You'll have access to my signature 10-step curriculum toward your meaningful life immersed in clarity, wisdom, and joy that will teach you skills that the best coaches, therapists, and spiritual teachers have, so you can be your own guide in your inner world.

My work heavily draws from Yogic practices, Internal Family Sytems, Trauma Studies, Buddha's teachings, and Tantra-based Non-Dual Wisdom.

It also weaves in threads of Integral Somatic Psychology, Compassionate Inquiry, Collective Trauma understanding, Attachment Model, Emotional Freedom Technique, & Depth Psychology.

AND this 10-step roadmap brings in these powerful ancient wisdom-based practices and impactful evidence-based tools and techniques with exact frameworks & strategies for your short-term solutions and long-term resolutions in ALL things inner world:

Learn to cultivate mental clarity.

Understand, and thereby, learn how to resolve difficult emotions.

Equip yourself toward a nourishing, secure relationship.

✨Build that deeper unshakable inner confidence from within.

Understand how trauma works for deeper long-term healing.

✨Learn how to work with your past wounds and hurt holding you back today.

✨Change ineffective, unhelpful, and unhealthy patterns, thereby changing things not working for you in your life.

✨Find your connection to your core/ gut/ intuition, and learn how to continually nurture it.

✨Get deep insights into life and its meaning so you can align your life the "right" way - one that is in sync with Life itself - that leads to ALL your needs and wants being met.

Having this roadmap saves you years of trying to "figure it out" and removes the second-guessing doubts as you get a clear, proven, laid-out path to follow every step of the way toward your learning, healing, growing, & evolving in your inner world!

Depth Seekers_Monthly Membership_All Courses


Aspects of Life

Along with the 10-step complete Roadmap to ALL things Inner World, you'll also have access to tons of short courses on your most pressing and current issues of life.

You see, I understand that Life is always happening - whether you've been on your inner work journey forever, or are starting just now - Life doesn't discriminate, it happens to all of us!

So to ensure you have immediate, specific, short-term practices and frameworks, you'll get access to several courses like:

Build and nurture a secure, happy, and meaningful relationship.

✨Resolve self-doubts.

Learn to work with, and resolve anxiety.

✨The anger-guilt-shame trap, and how to step out of it.

✨Walking with grief - what, when, how, and how much.

✨Moving out of helplessness & frustration.

✨Let's stop the hurt cycle.

Engage in/ learn higher spiritual practices.

✨Build & nurture your connection with your body & food.

✨And many more!

The best kind of inner work is one that supports you in both - resolving the immediate issues, and to upskill you long-term. This is exactly what LHG School provides you with so that you are guided on how to go about your most pressing life concerns and are also coached on how to build skills to resolve all issues from their roots.

Depth Seekers_Monthly Membership_Masterclasses


Monthly Masterclasses

P.S. Psychonauts are people interested in exploring the inner world (which, if I were to guess, you must be if you’ve read so far!)

For all psychonauts, a.k.a. all members, there will be Monthly Masterclasses on topics like:

Dream Analysis, Energy Work, Ancestral Work, Manifestation, Tai Chi, Yoga beyond Asanas, Fasting, Non-Dual Wisdom, Death and Spirits, Astrology, Naturopathy, Shamanism, and a lot more!

We are limited by what we understand.

These masterclasses accelerate your growth and transformation as you get specific practices and tools to work with in very specific areas of life that you may have never thought (or not thought much) of before.

All masterclasses will expand your cognitive awareness and provide experiential learning on varied topics that are bound to add to your ability to understand life and the world around you at nuanced levels, opening you up to even greater clarity and wisdom.

Learn Heal Grow School_Depth Seekers_Monthly Membership_Coaching_Mental Health


Your Pace | Your Way

Pick up what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how much you want to do it.

Different people have different learning styles, needs, and capacities. LHG School’s vision is to cater to every single person’s needs.

Thus, based on the regularly collected feedback from you, LHG School curriculum will be constantly updated to provide you with the most effective and beneficial tools and practices that work for you.

There’s no fast or slow - we all have our own pace in this work, and your pace is the RIGHT pace for you at any given moment.

You can choose to go as slow, as fast, and as and when you want. You’ll have access to everything - the curriculum, the courses, the community, and live guidance for as long as you want.

Such a structure - of no rush, and (potentially) long-term support - provides you a constant, known safe space where you know you are seen and understood. This sense of safety and belonging is crucial for inner work to result in deeper transformation.



Your Life (and live!) Guide

From my personal experience, and the experience of now having worked with hundreds of people I understand that in such deep work the role of a live guide - someone who has walked the path and continues to do so - as a teacher, mentor, healer, friend, and coach, is extremely crucial.

Thus, I believe it is my sacred purpose to show up in my full presence for the people I support:

✨Private LHG School community space - I'm in there every weekday answering your questions, supporting you with customized practices and suggestions, and cheering you on.

✨8 Live LHG School calls a month - 2-hour group calls, Wednesdays & Sundays. Join any, join all!

✨In each call we do: Live Practice | Coaching | Group & Individual Therapeutic Work | Customized Guidance.

✨Replays are available for all calls.

✨Opportunity to schedule discounted 1:1 Sessions with me.

Someone can take you only as deep into you as they’ve gone into themselves. My continual in-depth work with myself - my showing up for myself by investing in my learning & practice - ensures your continual, effective, in-depth work with yourself.

That's a LOT of resources & support in ONE membership promised at a price that most can afford!

P.S. LHG has sliding scale payment - this enables access to more people as they can pay based on their current financial income capacity.

You might be wondering, "Why?! What's the catch here?"

Frankly, it's simple. It's the vision & mission.

My vision is to equip every human with effective emotion regulation skills.

And my (current) mission, towards that vision, is to support 100,000 passionate, purpose-driven people in their inner work journeys over the next 3 years.

So ready to join the mission, and in the process, resolve all your emotional and relational struggles?


People Who Have Worked With Me

I have begun to sit more grounded and focus on my root chakra, deep breathe, and tell myself not to fight against nature.


I am starting to accept that the timelines in my mind are my own creation and I should accept the nature and course of life.


I do not feel lonely as much as I used to feel in my past relationships and I want to make myself so content and happy on my own without rushing into anything that does not serve me.


This stability I can feel in me. No matter if I have or do not have someone, I have started to look up to myself and be my own go-to person. I can feel all these shifts.

Chandana's Testimonial

Chandana Singh, Senior Application Developer

I made small changes in my day-to-day routine – started giving time to myself as well as my relationship, for the betterment.


She helped me to practice all that is needed – being mindful of feelings and facts, clear communication, etc.


It seems to me that Shobhali does not only coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel and presents the knowledge that you really need.


I suppose this talent of hers is related not only to her nature but also to the fact that she has been working on healing and meditation for many years and that she has reached a certain level of consciousness in her own life.

Sheetal's Testimonial

Sheetal Arya, Program Partner

Despite undergoing coaching and therapy, I always sensed something missing...


I felt a persistent disconnection with my deeper self, and that's where Shobhali played a crucial role.


Her work filled in the missing piece of the inner work puzzle by introducing a spiritual connection with the self.


While many other modalities I had encountered focused on eliminating internal judgment and altering emotions, it was only through my collaboration with her that I could sit with both and deepen my understanding and relationship with them.


This allowed me to perceive myself as complete while continually evolving.

Chandana's Testimonial

Rathi, Leadership Development Coach

So much comfort that I feel in my body and in my truth today, is because of that program and the work with Shobhali.


When I write this, I feel it in my body and how it moves me. The remnants of feelings in the body stay. I use it in my everyday.

The program is an everyday practice and the motivation to do it along with the remembrance of a loving voice...


It is the gentle calling out I do to myself when I see myself going into old patterns that I don’t want to continue and a forgiving course correction that gives me joy.

This testimonial will be forever evolving because I use it every day and I am yet to realize all the ways it has shifted me.

Sheetal's Testimonial

Jasmine Sachdev, Drama & Movement Therapist

Here's how you know this is 100% right for you:

☑️ While the skills LHG teaches are important for everyone, you're likely to be a woman who has many emotions, feels many things, and wants to learn the right emotional, relational, and mental skills to own her healing, growth, and evolution, but damn somedays it's just hard.


☑️ You have the self-awareness that allows you to see that something is missing that you need to understand or make sense of to improve your emotional, mental, and/ or relational well-being. You just don't know what it exactly is, and are looking for the exact steps and strategies.


☑️ You either are just about realizing that you need to do some kind of inner work, or you've tried a few things and they haven't really worked well for you, or you've been trying to figure it out for a long time and are a tad frustrated at still feeling like you're kinda stuck.


☑️ You'd love to get expert guidance on the exact missing links so you can move out of the repetitive patterns keeping you from emotional peace, mental clarity, and meaningful relationships, but the financial resources for long-term 1:1 coaching/ therapy per year is not in the budget so you need a powerful but AFFORDABLE solution.


☑️ You're not looking for silver bullets, a.k.a., overnight "magical" solutions. You're ready to learn by showing up for yourself and doing the work and THAT will create the "magic"!



If you've just checked 5/5 boxes, LHG has been created by me - Shobhali, Inner Work Guide at the nexus of Coaching, Therapeutic Modalities, & Spirituality - exactly for you.

So, why really should you trust me to support you in your Inner Work?

Great question and I’m truly glad you’re asking (or at least thinking) about it because you should know who you’re considering and allowing into your Inner World.


I, Shobhali, am a How The Mind Works-Nerd + Inner Work Guide with rock-solid credentials and experience (over 12 years).


I have a proven track record and a huge passion for supporting people in learning the right skills to resolve their mental, emotional, and relational struggles through ancient wisdom practices and research-based tools.


In my day-to-day, I'm continually learning the most effective, helpful, and healthy ways to work on the mind, body, emotions, and beyond through my own daily practices, formal trauma-informed courses, and guided spiritual spaces and studies.


Also, every day I get to work with and support incredibly passionate, purpose-driven people to learn the most effective strategies and practices that teach them how to access their body's wisdom, understand their emotions, retrain their minds, heal the unresolved past, and create the life they want.


  • To change the stuck patterns.
  • To nurture themselves from the inside out.
  • To cultivate loving and meaningful relationships.
  • To be grounded and have clarity and wisdom.
  • And to be their best selves in all aspects of their life.


I believe every single person can learn the skills to live a happy, successful, and meaningful life without the struggles of doubts & confusion getting in their way, which is why I exist, and why I'm here today offering my authentic support to you.


Guiding and supporting people to explore, understand, and transform their lives from the inside out is my passion. My purpose. My dharma. And frankly, such a privilege!


I’d be honored to support you to learn the best skills and practices that will allow you to access the mental, emotional, and relational well-being you need and want.


Experiences and Insights when doing such deep Inner Work.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering if LHG will work for you, and other such questions?

What if I don’t understand something?
You have access to a private online community space to ask all your questions & doubts.
You have access to 8 live calls per month to get the support you need, in real-time, directly from me, where based on your need I coach you, guide you, and hold a healing space for you.

Don’t I need to be working with a therapist/ counselor for this?
You don’t need to. It will depend on what your current situation is.

Are you functional on a day-to-day basis, i.e., can hold a job, do your day-to-day chores, and can engage with others?

If yes, and if you are willing to own your learning, healing, and growth, then you can do this without any additional support as this space provides you with a lot of support including 8 live group call spaces every month.

You also have the opportunity to book discounted 1:1 sessions with me as a part of this school, in case you need them.

Will this work for me?
If you show up and do the work - watch the videos, do the practices, ask questions, reach out for support, and come to the live spaces when you can or watch the recordings - it will be near impossible for it to not work.

It has worked for everyone who has been a part of my teaching and learning spaces & has shown up and owned their learning, healing, and growth.

How will this help me resolve my issues?
Your issues exist because of three main reasons:

1. You don’t understand the real reasons behind these issues (these “issues” are only symptoms).

2. You don’t yet know how to resolve the real reasons underlying your issues, a.k.a., you don’t have the right skills.

3. You don’t have the right support - someone who has the expertise in the space of learning to become your own guide into your inner world - who is there in real-time, live, to coach you, hold a healing space for you, guide you, and at all times also teach you the skills to do this work for yourself.

LHG gives you all 3 in one place for as long as you need it.

Are you a therapist/counselor/ coach?
I've trained in many, many different modalities - from therapy modalities to coaching modalities to spirituality.

And yes, I have many, many certifications! You can check out my credentials here.


In my experience, just having the green light on paper doesn't say much about the person's expertise.

I believe there are 3 things that one should look at when thinking of working with an expert (coach/ therapist/ counselor/ inner work guide):

1. Are they continually engaging in upskilling themselves in their expertise area?
2. Do they continually do their deep inner work?
3. What do past clients have to say about working with them?

Once these 3 are okay, then you gotta trust your gut, and experience working with them yourself.

Also, FYI, I don't align with the traditional Western therapeutic approach and systems - they tend to segregate and isolate too much of who we are - we are WHOLE beings, not compartmentalized "to-be-labeled" objects.

Thus, I've chosen not to be a part of that system - while I believe many of the therapeutic modalities are great and very powerful - I use many of them in my work, but I choose to not be "certified" by any gated institutes.

Do I have to pay every month once I start?
You only pay for the months you plan to be in LHG.

Payment can be done on a month-to-month basis, or annually, if that works better for you.

You can stop your payment anytime by stopping your subscription.

Once the payment for a month comes in, your subscription is valid for 30 days whether or not you plan to continue after that is up to you.

I recommend at least 4 months of continuity - it gives you enough mind space to do the work - a few rounds of learning, reaching out to be coached and guided, implementing feedback, reaching out with what's working and what's not, and then being coached and guided again.

Also, a big part of creating transformations is consistency of practice. And LHG provides exactly that.

Having said all this, you can choose to do it the way you want.

How long will it take me to learn all the skills in LHG?I

When does The School start?
This is the best part - The School starts as soon as you register!

You don't need to wait to start learning, healing, and growing in your emotional wisdom, mental clarity, and deep inner connection and confidence.

All you need to do is: CHOOSE.

Want in on a final secret before we reach the end?


Trust me when I say it - the longer you wait to build the right emotional and relational skills the harder it gets. Why you ask?




🅧 Because to learn the right, a.k.a., helpful, healthy, & effective ways of emotions, mindset, and relationships...

🅧 You first need to UN-LEARN the unhelpful, unhealthy ways you've been feeding for a while now...


🅧 The longer you continue the unhelpful & unhealthy, the longer the unlearning process!

🅧 I learned it the hard way, and many others never even get the opportunity to learn the right skills that have the potential to turn their lives around 180 degrees...





You have the opportunity to learn how to rewire your mind's way of processing, heal your emotions, and change your unhelpful patterns.



I know you have this opportunity because I have walked this path, done this for myself, and guided many others to do it in their lives.



And in doing so they not only get a calm, composed mind and clarity, but they are also able to HEAL THE UNRESOLVED pieces of their past and focus on nurturing the life they want… emotionally wise, mentally clear, deep inner connection and confidence, loving relationships, and meaningful work.



All the things you too can learn and thrive with.



With LHG, you can build the right skill set with complete clarity, confidence, and expert guidance, WITHOUT feeling lost and confused.



If you want to










...then Learn-Heal-Grow School is for you. 

@2024 Depth Seekers LLC