Rooted In Chaos Program

It All Begins Within

Resolve your emotional overwhelm and confusion by understanding YOU.
Feel the deeper inner calm that allows you to be Free To Be You,
grounded in your roots within, and confident & clear to redefine your life.

Do you relate?

Feeling a loss of connection to yourself.

Lack of clarity with a dash of confusion!

Self-doubts and inner criticism.

At times, easily overwhelmed/ triggered.

Often feeling alone and lonely in feeling this way.

Often trying to prove yourself.

Struggles in various relationships.

Struggling to not feel hurt or rejected.

Finding yourself replaying and recreating versions of past events & conversations in your mind.

Finding yourself feeling feelings for others you “shouldn’t feel”, and judging yourself about it.

Limiting mindsets – even the ones you’ve worked on – seem to keep resurfacing.

Struggling to understand life’s happenings and your (and other people’s) actions and reactions.

If this sounds familiar, you may be ready to

Journey into the depths of your being!

If you’re here, you’re probably frustrated not knowing how to resolve this, and SO ready to figure a way out of it!

  • You want this emotional overwhelm to END.
  • You want to STOP feeling insecure & fearful.
  • You want to feel connected & aligned with yourself.
  • You want to step back into your confident, clear self.
  • You want to figure out what you truly want and need.
  • And most IMPORTANT: You’re done with Quick-Fixes!
    One course here, one book there, some coaching, a little therapy – you’re done with trying to “quick fix it”!

    And are ready for a space that provides in-depth understanding and skills to heal, grow, and evolve for life.

So how can you start this journey into the depths of your being?

Rooted In Chaos Program

Who is it for?

People of Indian origin, assigned female at birth (*AFAB), which includes Women & LGBTQ+ who:

(*What is AFAB?)

AFAB stands for Assigned Female At Birth.
This term is inclusive of anyone born in the female body, whether they identify as cisgender women or LGBTQ+

>> Despite external success (school & work achievements) and the inner work they may have already done through coaching/ therapy/ body-based work/ spirituality/ etc,
are experiencing bouts of emotional overwhelm (bursting out in anger, crumbling in anxiety, or shutting down feeling disconnected and bitter).
>> This is creating constant confusion and self-doubts in them leading to issues in their relationships, discontentment with work,
and losing their connection to themselves, making them feel desperate to change this state they're in.
>> They fear they are not being their best selves - at work and/ or in their important relationships - and generally in life.
>> They’ve been trying to fix this for so long that it makes them wonder at times if there’s something wrong with them.
>> This state of their being is seeping into their work life. They experience feeling easily triggered and emotionally overwhelmed.
Their relationships probably feel turbulent leading them to often feel unseen, unloved, and misunderstood.
>> Many times they feel lost, at times feeling unsure of who they are - what they want/ need, how they should be, what they should do.
They’ve tried various things to change all of this which makes them wonder:

...They’ve gone through at least a quarter of their life feeling like they know themselves,
only to doubt it again - if they don’t figure this out now, then when?!

...They’ve seen their action patterns repeat enough times, how many more times are they willing to repeat them?!

...They’ve felt the pain and hurt of not feeling seen and understood in various relationships for long enough,
how much longer do they want to be feeling this way?!
>> They miss their once-upon-a-time confident self that was happy, carefree, and connected within.
Somewhere within them they know that self is still there, maybe it even comes up once in a while.
They’re done with "quick fixing it", and are now ready for a deeper understanding of themselves,
their emotions, and how life really operates.


Clients Speak

If accepted into the program,
you’ll receive:

  • A clear, guided roadmap that takes you step-by-step.
  • A self-paced curriculum with videos, audio, & worksheets.
  • Live weekly guidance calls with me twice every week.
  • Live customized support specific to your concerns.
  • A safe community of others on the same journey.
  • Lifelong access to all the above, including the weekly live calls & support.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll receive what you truly need & want:
    A grounded, joyful you that has clarity, confidence, & wisdom, with a deep inner alignment.

Are You Ready For This Work?

Those who come into the program and experience transformational shifts are in a transition phase:
Breakup | Divorce | Good marriage or partnership beginning to turn sour
Struggling parent | Realization to heal Self to raise your child | Empty Nester
Major role transition at work | Dissatisfaction with work that was earlier meaningful
Some inner-transition that you don’t yet fully understand | Deep desire & readiness to heal core wounds

These transition phases are Portals of Evolution.


Clients Reflect

“Hurt happened & healing may take time but I’m glad that people listened. Maybe this is why I was drawn to this course. I forgave my parents some years ago for the ‘mistakes’ they had made while raising us up… but without realizing I was carrying all that trauma within me, & now it’s upon me to change the course of my actions by not repeating behaviors – even unconsciously. This space helps me build the Inner Strength and Mindspace to catch those patterns.”

“I feel I’m healing and that I can heal myself… There is a shift in the way I engage with myself in the healing process… I observed that I am able to be more independent, and I sense this awareness that everything that is required for my healing journey will naturally come to me… I feel that the phase of my life where I was seeking help has shifted… There is a strong belief now that I’m capable of handling any situation and that I can heal any trauma/ hurt by myself…and be my own go to person.”

“There’s a strong emotional feeling in me after our conversation yesterday that I can’t describe in words. The voices within me didn’t know each other’s existence & have just found out about each other, and it’s such an intense feeling of developing bonding/ partnership between them. I can’t explain in words – I am still trying to process it all. There’s so much to process and I am so glad you are there to hold my hand. I’ve begun implementing posture, practicing deep breathing, exhaling with sigh, bringing my attention to what’s happening in my body. It’s so simple yet so profound.”

What can I expect to learn?

Lack of clarity in being able to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, what to do to change it, etc. is what causes mental & emotional struggles that lead to life struggles.

Lack of clarity exists because we only know things at a cognitive level – we aren’t truly aware. We aren’t aware because we aren’t grounded since most of the time we are in survival mode.

With practice, you will learn to ground yourself no matter what the external situation is, and once you understand the grounding principles & techniques, the door to awareness will open itself up to you!

You will explore your connection with your inner wise self that is expansive, wise, and unconditional, and figure out how to be YOU so that you have joy in your relationships beginning with yourself, contribute through meaningful work, and continually grow & evolve in your inner & outer worlds.

how will it help me?























Client Love

Neha's Testimonial

“I had tried several options in isolation and none of them really worked out for me. My search ended when I started my work with you. You enabled a holistic, wholesome healing space for me with the right mix and balance of head, heart, body and soul. The beauty of the work you did with me lied in the fact that the ownership of my growth & learning stayed with me, while you played the role of a guide & an anchor. I’ve witnessed more than expected shifts in myself…my work with you has put me on a different path altogether…”

— Neha Rathi, Leadership Coach

Sheetal's Testimonial

“It seems to me that Shobhali does not only coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel & presents the knowledge that you really need. I suppose this talent of hers is related not only to her nature but also to the fact that she has been working on healing & meditation for many years, and that she has reached a certain level of consciousness in her own life. There is a distinctive character in her – she shares with you all that she has – in the end, you become the master of your own life & in the process you get healed.”

— Sheetal Arya, Program Partner

Aakriti Jindal's Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure to learn and work on myself through a beautifully curated step-by-step journey. The work that Shobhali does, is above and beyond. This is an incredible space to really deep dive and work on your Inner-Self. “

— Aakriti Jindal, Compassionate Integrity Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from so many other courses/ workshops/ coaching/ therapy available today?

It’s different in three core ways:
1. It combines the most effective practices from coaching, therapeutic modalities, and spirituality, and teaches you the tools in the most simple, practical ways.

2. The program is specifically designed, keeping in mind the kind of person (described above in Who It Is For) who’s struggling with those specific challenges – this makes the program tailor-made for you if you match the description.

3. You have access to Live Guidance for life – one thing you won’t get anywhere else – which ensures you are fully supported as much as you need it.

Apart from the above 3 core pieces, I believe an important component of healing is to be seen by others in a non-judgmental, supportive space.

The Rooted In Chaos program has several others with similar context to yours – Indian origin, brought up with explicit (“men are better than you”) & implicit (“you are no less than men”) patriarchal values, and struggling with similar emotional and relational challenges – who are there to witness your story and hold a judgment-free ground for you.

This act of witnessing is extremely important for healing to be whole, and is often the missing link in 1:1 work.

How do I know if I’m ready for this work?

If you’ve read everything on this page up until now and resonate with most of it, you’re most likely ready 🙂

You can re-read the section Are You Ready For This Work?

Also, you can Book Your Consult Call! and we can explore together if you’re ready 🙂

What qualifies you to do this work?

Personally, I believe one can take others only as deep as one’s gone within themself.

My decade+ experience with my own inner work, working with others, and my continual learning and education make me well qualified to support and guide others on this journey.

You can read my credentials in detail here.

What do you identify as? Does your identity affect the work you do?

We’re all a sum of all our conditionings, and all our conditionings impact every single thing we do. The work is to continually uncover our own unconscious conditionings, thereby, making our unconscious biases conscious so that they don’t dictate our lives.

I identify as an Indian-origin cisgender AFAB brought up in a world that rewards the masculine and shuns the feminine. While I don’t identify as LGBTQ+, I believe a major challenge for anyone assigned female at birth is the explicit & implicit patriarchy that we’re all immersed in.

I believe we need a balanced flow of the masculine & the feminine together. The people I work with are either too much in their masculine, too much in their feminine, or in unhealthy states of both, regardless of their gender or sexual identity. A part of my work is to guide them to find their own rhythm with these two natural states of being.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

As mentioned in the first question – being witnessed by others is an important element of healing. Thus, I choose to ensure that the people I work with don’t miss out on this element of collective witness healing.

The program has two versions:
1. Version 1 has all the lifelong features mentioned here, and
2. Version 2 is inclusive of a year-long 1:1 coaching space along with all the other features of Version 1.

As you might guess, there is always limited availability for Version 2.
In case of availability, you’ll have the option to choose Version 2 on the Consult Call, if you’re accepted into the program.

What are the requirements to be accepted into the program?

1. Right Match – this program is for a specific kind of person (see Who It Is For).

2. Growth Mindset – you need to be willing to believe that you can learn new skills.

3. Child’s Hat – you need to be willing to be open to try new things.

4. Fair Chance – you need to be willing to practice your new skills for a reasonable period of time before concluding it does/ doesn’t work.

5. Showing Up – I promise to provide you with the right skills and space for you to experience inner transformation, you’ll need to commit to show up for yourself too.

How much does the program cost?

The cost varies based on different versions of the program. Version 1 of this lifelong support program costs less than a year of therapy.

Can I meet you before deciding to work with you/ join the program?

Absolutely! Once you book your Consult Call we’ll meet via Zoom so that I can get to know you and ensure that you’re the right fit for the program.

Is all the work we do within the program confidential?

Yes. All sharing on all individual/ group calls and individual/ group platforms is strictly confidential.

I want to do this, but I’m nervous and feel uncertain!

This is totally understandable and very normal! Please read the testimonials on this website to get a feel of the kind of environment I create for members of the program. Or book the Consult Call and decide for yourself 🙂

to work together?