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Ready To Begin Resolving Your Difficult Emotions?

16 Integrated Guided Practices that Work

Discover easy-to-follow guided practices Shobhali has brought together from her 10+ years in coaching, therapeutic modalities & spirituality to teach you how to befriend difficult emotions so you can start letting go of the stuckness and heaviness, and welcome in ease and wisdom.

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I spent a good chunk of my 20s-30s in mindset work, self-help books, yoga, meditation et al…and was STILL stuck in confusion & doubts with my emotions & relationships.


After years of working in my inner world, and guiding several others with similar struggles for over a decade, I've been able to integrate the most effective research-based techniques with ancient wisdom-based practices.

Access these 16 practices to go deeper in your work with resolving stuck emotions.

Life's ups & downs come in different shapes and forms.

But if you think about it, in a nutshell, your current struggles - whether at work, in relationships, or within yourself - are because you are unable to manage your emotions.

Due to this, you are likely to experience bouts of emotional overwhelm (anger outbursts, crumbling anxiety, confusion, or shutting down feeling disconnected and bitter)

How Would It Be To Ease Emotions
And Begin To Resolve the Overwhelm?

The Course Covers

Conceptual Understanding

Each guided practice will help you shift your conceptual understanding of the "difficult situation," in your life, like:


  1. How to Create Boundaries from Inside Out
  2. What truly is Self-Acceptance and Love
  3. How to shift the Stuck Parts Within
  4. Ways to Work With Overthinking
  5. And many more!

Experiential Practices

Every guided practice guides you into experiential exercises.


Since you can do these practices at your own time and convenience, you can fully immerse in each practice!


This experiential nature of these practices has the potential to create deeper awareness and clarity in you leading to the possibility of significant shifts in your emotional and mental states in a short time frame.

guided practices to work with difficult emotions

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