Rooted In Chaos

Rooted In Chaos Program

If you’re a woman:

– Who’s cognitively self-aware: you’re more reflective than many around you, and you “know” your issues – your reaction patterns, where you get stuck, what emotions you struggle with & how.

– Who’s done well at work: you have a decent to impressive portfolio of all the things you’ve achieved from academics to career.

– Who’s figured out a lot of things on her own in life: you’ve probably found “life hacks” to continually try & be the best version of yourself.

– Who’s realizing something might be missing: this missing piece leads to inner-conflicts, lack of clarity, issues in relationships with self &/ others.

And you’re in a place in life where:

You’re ready, willing, and wanting to engage in deep inner-work because you know it’s important.

You know it’s important for you – for your continual growth, wellbeing, & cultivating nourishing relationships.

You know it’s important for all those in close proximity to you – your partner, your children, your parents, the people you work with.

You know it’s important for the work you do – to ensure you’re able to show up as your best self as best as you can.

You know you have tried to fix it on your own for a long enough time to realize that if you could do it on your own, you would have by now.

You know that you need support, and you know that not getting it will keep you stagnant in the continued rut of repetitive motions.


– You’ve probably tried a few different things (therapy, coaching, self-help, etc.) to find a way out of this.

– You may have resolved some of it in the past, but now see that those were short-lived fixes.

– You’re tired & done with the constant internal conflicts & contradictions, anxieties & doubts, & possible anger & guilt.

– You’re now ready to do the deep work to resolve these emotional & relational struggles for good.

You understand:

– There are no silver bullets/ magic potions/ quick fixes.

– Consistent effort produces effective results.

– The key to changing your story lies with you, in your agency.

You want to:

– Find your anchor within you.

– Be happy, joyful, content.

– Have clarity & wisdom within.

– Fully relish, love, & BE (in all aspects of life).

Then Let Me Tell You A Secret!

The missing piece of the puzzle is Emotional Wisdom (which is more than just logic & emotions put together!)

Emotional Wisdom IS A SKILL like any other skill that anyone can learn, apply, & hone, and thereby, live a life with deep clarity & inner joy, & cultivate intimate & meaningful relationships, beginning within.

If you’re willing to learn, apply, and hone

To start your journey, APPLY HERE!

Rooted In Chaos Program is a:

– Lifelong space, with

– Self-Paced Training

Twice a week Live Guided Practice Sessions

– Twice a week Q & A Sessions

– Individualized Feedback

– Space for Accountability

– Community of Support

– Lifelong Live Guidance

– Lifelong Program Updates

In a nutshell, Rooted In Chaos works through Whole View Method to take practitioners (those who practice the method)
from Emotional Struggles to Emotional Wisdom.

Rooted In Chaos is the only program of its kind with lifelong live support & guidance!

Rooted In Chaos Is Best Suited For:

– Women currently struggling with emotions in relationships, &/ just out of a relationship.

– Women currently struggling at work because they’re unable to manage their emotions.

– Mothers who are aware they need to learn Emotional Wisdom to be their wisest selves for their kid(s).

– Women who are care providers – counsellors, therapists, coaches, healers – and know that they need to invest deeper in themselves to be able to hold the space that their clients need and deserve.

Find out from women who’ve been here before you! More Testimonials

To start your journey, you apply.

We get on a call.

We talk about where you are in your journey,
and whether Rooted In Chaos is the right next step for you.

If it is, you’ll be invited to join the program 🙂


I look forward to seeing you on the inside 🙂

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