Primary Defense Mechanism Quiz


Welcome to "Identifying Your Emotional Defense Mechanism" quiz!


If you're an Indian-origin AFAB (assigned female at birth) - Woman+LGBTQ+ - this quiz is designed for you!


It aims to help you understand how you typically respond to emotional overwhelm and stress.


By identifying your primary defense mechanism, you can gain insights into your coping strategies and potential areas for growth.


As you respond to the questions, please make note of what options (a/ b/ c/ d) you choose -- you'll need them to help you understand the results.


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1. What do you find yourself doing when faced with a challenging situation?

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2. What role does self-reflection play in your life?

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3. How do you react when you receive criticism or feedback?

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4. How do you usually handle unexpected challenges or changes?

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5. How do you typically manage your stress levels?

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6. How do you handle situations that trigger discomfort or vulnerability?

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7. What emotions are most prevalent during times of emotional overwhelm?

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8. What is your typical response to feeling overwhelmed by emotions?

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9. When you feel overwhelmed or threatened, how do you usually react?

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10. How do you usually handle conflicts or disagreements?