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Learn-Heal-Grow School

Retrain your mind, resolve stuck emotions, heal deeper wounds of attachment, self-worth, and self-doubts, and bring clear awareness to live an authentically aligned and fulfilling life across all life aspects.


This is the *one-stop* for all things Inner World - your mental, emotional, and relational well-being - to guide you to have CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and CONNECTION with tons of support and direction.

Quick Recap: What you'll have access to -


Monthly Inner Work Masterplans (worth: invaluable) for you to follow that are apt for wherever you are in your inner work journey with tons of customization options so there's no more confusion about how to learn, heal, and grow from the inside out.


Complete Inner Work Roadmap (worth $3500), my signature 10-step model, with tons of learning to be found nowhere else that will teach you the skills and practices the best therapists, coaches, and spiritual guides use.


Access to Multiple Short Courses (worth $2000+) for specific life issues like relationship problems, confidence issues, anxiety traps, anger-shame cycles, etc.


Monthly Masterclasses (worth $250 per masterclass) enable you to expand your conscious awareness and accelerate your healing, growth, and evolution even more.


Monthly 8 Live Guidance Calls (worth: invaluable) to support you through real-time live teachings, coaching, and guidance on Zoom with recordings available.


Your pace, Your way (worth: invaluable) to start with whatever is your biggest pain point - start with the complete roadmap, or short courses, or just the monthly inner work plan - do as much or as little as you're ready for, and receive full support and guidance along the path.


(Optional) Discounted 1:1 sessions with me (50%+ off) for even more direct support and guidance if and when you need it.


Sliding Scale Payment allows more people access to LHG membership by supporting you in paying what you genuinely believe you can.

That's HUGE support and YEARS of confusion saved, and inner doubts said goodbye to, with just ONE single membership + mentorship space.

Choose the payment plan that works best for you based on your financial income capacity. 

Sliding Scale 1

US$47 per month

Sliding Scale 2

US$67 per month

Sliding Scale 3

US$97 per month

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