Practice Grounds


The Intention

In my many years in this space of inner-work, healing, & growth, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest hurdles in this journey is maintaining consistency.

This work isn’t always easy, and so it’s easy to go off track. I’ve seen, & also first hand experienced, inner-work being used as patchwork – doing it only when in crisis!

Yes, doing inner-work like patchwork can work as a band-aid in crisis management, however, a band-aid will never be able to clean out & heal the wound. For that you’ll need consistent practice.

Which brings us to another big hurdle – there aren’t enough spaces that facilitate consistent deep inner-work practices.

To be a consistent space that allows you to not only maintain your practice,
but also to continue growing and deepening in it.

The Offer

🍃I offer 2 new practice sessions (20-30 mins each) every week. You can see my credentials here.

🍃These sessions will be integrated guided practices that are guided by multiple modalities – yoga, breathwork, chakra work, ancestral work, embodiment work, inner-child work, internal family systems, and nondual wisdom based teachings, amongst others.

🍃All sessions will be available to you to follow along at your own convenience & pace.

🍃Practice Grounds membership also gives you the option for tailor-made sessions for your specific concerns.

🍃5 free sessions for you to begin with!

Best Suited For

✨Women who are ready to begin inner-work.
✨Women who have been doing inner-work, & wish to deepen it.
✨Women who want to consciously make inner-work a part of their lives.
✨Women looking for effective guidance & support to learn emotional wisdom, & other, skills.

The Way To Access

You can begin with the 5 free sessions!
I recommend starting with Centering – it’s a fun embodied exercise that expands your experience of grounding!

Find out more about Practice Grounds.
Or start your monthly subscription HERE (scroll down to the end).

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