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Shobhali Thapa Jiwani is the founder of Depth Seekers and works with people who are passionate and purpose-driven with a deeper inner calling – at the powerful nexus of coaching, therapeutic modalities, & spirituality.

In the last 12 years, she has traversed the lives of a teacher, mentor, facilitator, coach, therapist, & spiritual guide, guiding others to traverse and resolve their inner worlds of emotions, beliefs, stories, traumas, & repetitive patterns and also going deeper into herself, peeling off multiple layers of conditioning, fears, & limiting ways in her own being.

Shobhali believes emotional wisdom is the key to resolving mental, emotional, and relationship struggles, and that emotional wisdom is a skill – like any other skill – that needs to be learned, practiced, and applied in life to experience deep inner joy & wisdom, cultivate intimate & meaningful relationships, and continually be our best selves in every moment.

A Psychology (Hons.) graduate, Shobhali did her Professional Coach certification training with Coach For Life, USA. She’s a certified Arts Based Therapy practitioner, mentored by Vikram Sinha, Director of Building on Arts Therapy, and has received training in Integral Somatic Psychology under Dr. Raja Selvam’s associate, Dr. Mimansa Poppat, and in Principles of Collective Trauma Healing under Thomas Hubl, Academy of Inner Science. She’s also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, with a diploma in Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology, and a practitioner of the ancient Nondual Wisdom teachings.

Shobhali’s paper on Adverse Childhood Experiences and Maternal Self-Efficacy is published in the Infant Mental Health Journal, and her posters have been presented at various APA (American Psychological Association) & EPA (Eastern Psychological Association) conventions. She has also presented a workshop – Ancient Wisdom Heals – at the 6th Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference.

She believes inner work is lifelong work, and ensures she’s always learning and evolving. Shobhali has undertaken 3 long water-only fasts for 10, 12, and 21 days, respectively. She also goes on regular meditation retreats and has done a 10-day retreat in complete darkness. She’s currently pursuing a 5-year Masters Degree program in Nalanda Buddhism.

Shobhali is a nature and animal lover, and over the last many years has moved to a minimalist lifestyle with a conscious effort to produce more than she consumes in all aspects of life.

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